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As You Like It

Duke Frederick has staged a coup and exiled his brother, but has allowed his young niece Rosalind to stay at court. She falls in love with the noble Orlando at a wrestling match. Duke Frederick then banishes Rosalind, who disguises herself as a man and flees with Celia, Frederick’s daughter, to the Forest of Arden. Orlando, running from his jealous older brother Oliver, heads for the forest, too.

  • Orlando pins his love poems to Rosalind on the trees. Upon finding them, the disguised Rosalind persuades Orlando to get rid of his lovesickness by attempting to woo her as if she were Rosalind.
  • Local shepherdess Phoebe rejects her suitor Silvius and falls in love with the disguised Rosalind. Touchstone woos goatherd Audrey. Oliver, having arrived in the forest and patched things up with his brother, falls in love with Celia.
  • Rosalind reveals her true identity, and all couples are married by the banished Duke, who has also been residing in the forest. News comes that Duke Frederick has joined a monastery and returned the duchy to his brother.

Directed by: Jake Merriman


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