Cheaper by the Dozen

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Dad was (in fact) one of the great pioneers in industrial efficiency and he sings to his large family, ‘What works in the factory works in the home.” His older daughters, however, rebel against their father. Anne, the oldest, sings of her coming independence unaware that her father has a heart condition and is driving them toward super-efficiency so the family will be able to survive better when he’s gone. What Dad doesn’t realise is that Anne has grown. The breaking apart of Anne and her father and then their coming to a special maturity and mutual respect give meaning and emotion to what is otherwise a delightful and original comedy romp!

Directed by: William Crawford


Mr. Gilbreth – Donald Cleland
Mrs. Gilbreth – Beth Self
Young Ernestine – Frankie Woodman
Adult Ernestine – Leslie Streimer
Young Frank Jr – Isaac Ellingson
Adult Frank Jr – Larry Jansen
Jackie – Boone Newman
Dan – Finn Newman
Bill – Canden Clement
Fred – Caleb Kinder
Anne – Hannah Solheim
Lilian – Ainsley Campista
Martha – Hannah Wilson
Jane – Riley Bartell
Robert – Grant Davis
Mary – Belle Davis
Mrs. Fitzgerals – Cindy Bartell
Dr. Burton – Scott Rushford
Joe Scales – Robert Cartusciello
Miss Brill – Marlena Starrs
Larry – Adam WIlliams
The $5.00 Dog – Parker Pup