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With a wicked stepmother and two jealous stepsisters who keep her enslaved and in rags, Cinderella stands no chance of attending the royal ball. When her fairy godmother appears and magically transforms her reality into a dream come true, Cinderella enchants the handsome Prince Charming at the ball, but must face the wrath of her enraged stepmother and sisters when the spell wears off at midnight.

Directed by: Donald Cleland


First Helper – Lily Frerichs
Second Helper – Danielle Martinek
Fairy Godmother – Lindsay DeLapp
Cinderella – Sarah LaTray
Stepmother – Heather Sutherland
Henrietta – Hallie Bartell
Gertrude – Emily Niebergall
King Darling III – Caleb Kinder
Prince Charming – David VanDyke
Princess Leyna – Julianne Robinson
Chorus – Rylie Bartell, Ainsley Campista, Hannah Dyche, Isaac Ellingson, Bronwyn Grover, Andrew Inman, Isaac McAllister, Juliana Robinson, Lauren Trapp