Miss Nelson is Missing!

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A classroom of unruly students treat their caring and lovely teacher with complete disrespect. They throw spitballs during story-time and refuse to sit in their seats during math. They take advantage of their teacher’s good nature until she disappears and they are faced with a vile substitute. Near her wits’ end, Miss Nelson doesn’t come to school one day. Instead, the kids have a vile substitute–the nasty Viola Swamp–who loads the boys and girls with homework and never gives them a story hour. By the time Miss Nelson finally returns, the children are so grateful they behave well. But now Viola Swamp is missing…

Directed by: Donald Cleland


Miss Nelson – Leslie Streimer
Principal Humleker – Hannah Wilson
Detective McSmogg – Robert Cartusciello
Raymond – Isaac Ellingson
Georgie – Ashlyn Grund
Phoebe – Maya Erickson
Elvis – David VanDyke
Morris – Rashad Smith
Kimberly – Ella DeVito
Lavita – Ainsley Campista