The Phantom Tollbooth

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Tells the story of a bored young boy named Milo who unexpectedly receives a magic tollbooth one afternoon and, having nothing better to do, decides to drive through it in his toy car. The tollbooth transports him to a land called the Kingdom of Wisdom. There he acquires two faithful companions, has many adventures, and goes on a quest to rescue the princesses of the kingdom—Princess Rhyme and Princess Reason—from the castle in the air.

Directed by: Donald Cleland


Milo – Caleb Rust
Tock – Larry Jensen
Humbug – Hannah Wilson
Azaz the Unabridged – Caleb Inman
Mathemagician – Robert Cartusciello
Princess Pure Reason – Hallie Bartell
Princess Sweet Rhyme – Molly Benjamin
Duke of Definition & Kakafouous A. Dischord – Billy Benjamin
Lethargarian, a Page & The Awful Dynne – Isaac Ellingson
The Weatherman, Gatekleeper & the Dodecahedron – Isaiah Espinosa
The Understudy of Understanding & a Numbers Miner – Bronwyn Grover
The Count of Connotation & a Numbers Miner – Zachary Inman
The Minister of Meaning & a Numbers Miner – Rachel Jensen
Lethargarian & The Senses Taker – Aislinn Nelson
Lethargarian & Spelling Bee – Audrey Opager
Lethargarian, Word Merchant & The Everpresent Wordsnatcher – Katie Rice
Lethargarian, Word Merchant & The Terrible Trivium – Elizabeth Solheim
Lethargarian, Word Merchant & Demon of Insincerity – Hannah Solheim
The Earl of Essence & a Numbers Miner – Shalkar Wilkins