The Secret Garden

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Mary Lennox, a sullen and spoiled young orphan, is sent to live with her brooding uncle at gloomy Misselthwaite Manor. Discovering a hidden, neglected garden, Mary plants the seeds of new life for all those drawn into her secret refuge. A wonderful story of transformation.

Directed By: William Crawford
Stage Manager: Sara Johnson


Colonel McGrew – Matthew Vandehey
Barney – Alex Hyatt
Mary Lennox – Tia Green
Officer’s Wife – Hannah Vertner
A Woman – Sara Johnson
Mrs. Medlock – Jessica Woolfolk
Mr. Pitcher – Mitchel Robinson
Martha Sowerby – Anika Hyatt
Ben Weatherstaff – Damian Woodruff
Archibald Graven – Michael Koach
Colin Craven – Riley Reynolds
Dickon Sowerby – Cody Burkett
Nurse – Hannah Vertner
Basil – Zak Vertner
Girl – Bethany Finn
Orphans – Kira Robinson, Amelia Agostini, Jackie Kemp (understudy Mary Lennox)
Flutist – Hope Edwards