About the STAGES Performing Arts Youth Academy

We strive to make STAGES an integral part of Hillsboro’s art and culture community, making Hillsboro a better place to raise children.

The Dream Realized

Cindy Wilkins, Hillsboro resident, mother of eight (8), and an avid supporter of the performing arts envisioned a performing arts center for children. She quickly reached out to Donald Cleland with her vision. But working as a full time teacher left Donald little time to dedicate to Cindy’s dream. As Donald moved toward semi-retirement, together he and Cindy set out to gather additional willing souls, and STAGES performing Arts Youth Academy was born.

The Foundation

STAGES opened its doors in the fall of 2010, offering a variety of theater classes to children in grades k-12. Our classes focus on basic theater education and include some specialty classes such as musical theater. Our instructors not only have a passion for theater, but experience working with children. At least two of our teachers are credited teachers in the State of Oregon.

“Shaping the lives of children and young adults through performing arts.”

Core Beliefs & Visions

We believe in the power of theater – STAGES will strive to use theater as a vehicle to help shape the lives of children and young adults in a positive direction.

We value the creativity and uniqueness of children and young adults.

  • Striving to help each child and young adult find his or her creative voice whether it be performing, directing or in the technical aspect of theatre.
  • Respecting the individual distinctiveness of each child and young adult to help them find their own creative voice.

Respect, compassion, and dignity in a nurturing environment

  • Our staff and volunteers are kind to everyone who enters our theatre
  • We treat everyone in a kind, grateful and respectful manner
  • All our patrons are treated with respect
  • Staff and volunteers help children and young adults to treat each other with compassion and respect


  • We strive to teach the children and young adults’ professional theater etiquette and expect them to display that professionalism in any theater setting they encounter

Serving our community

  • We look outside our theater walls to serve the community and bring the magic of theater to as many children and young adults as possible

Education for success

  • We create a rigorous education program, teaching many aspects of the theater
  • Continually improving our education program to better meet the needs of our students and community
  • Hiring exceptional quality teachers who adhere to our mission statement and core values

Quality productions

  • Developing productions that highlight the children and young adults performance capabilities
  • Our productions technically display the magnificent creative potential of the children and young adults
  • Gathering exceptionally quality staff and volunteer who use their talents to create top quality productions

Fiscal responsibility

  • We honor the generosity of those who give financially to the organization, utilizing the money solely to carry out our mission statement and goals
  • We are always honest and forthright regarding our monetary activities and responsibilities
Stages Mission

Mission Statement

STAGES Performing Arts Youth Academy nurtures artistic, intellectual and character development of youth and young adults through an educational theatre arts program that develops confidence, respect, cooperation and creative critical thinking.

Join the fun - Get involved with STAGES

Do you have a passion for the arts? Are you interested in lending your skills and/or talents to the children of Hillsboro? We’re always looking for volunteers.

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