2023 - 2024 Season

All’s Well in Roswell

After an unidentified flying object crashes onto a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947, ranch owner Ulysses T. Boone has his hands full trying to deal with the press, government authorities, his own family and Jake, a mysterious ranch hand who has been living on the ranch for the past 10 years. It turns out this is not the first time T. Boone has had a close encounter. In fact, Jake is a space alien waiting for a ride home. Aided by a nosy science fiction writer, agents from Area 51 are about to discover T. Boone’s secret.

Directed by: William Crawford
Lighting and Sound: Brian Ollom
Stage Manager: Kiki Robinson


Character Played by
Marty Hammond Hazel Norbury
Jim Talent Michael Mohlman
Ulysses T. Boone Parker Lesley
Eileen Hammond Adriana Cornaby
Jake Jovin Landre
A.G. Avery Cody
Dell Clancy Austin Taggart
Calvin Kincade Sven Borg
Gabby Rogers Lilli Ferretti
Rosemary Simone Armstrong
Nancy Lilah Ruth Mortensen
Lucy Dax Landre
Camryn Isabelle Hui
Jamie Ella Hehn
Emily Boone Savannah Jennings
Agent Ward Michael Conley
Agent Wells Elin Paulson
Agent Clarke Austin Connors
Agent Morgan Zoya Azeem
Agent Foster Izacc Jaimes
Radio Announcer Randy Armstrong
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