2017-2018 Season

As You Like It

Duke Senior has been usurped of his throne by his brother, Duke Frederick, and has fled to the Forest of Ardenne, where he lives like Robin Hood with a band of loyal followers. Duke Frederick allows Senior’s daughter, Rosalind, to remain at court because of her inseparable friendship with his own daughter, Celia.

Directed by: Jake Merriman


Character Played by
Adam/Hymen Alyssa Hicks
Corin Anika Hyatt
Charles/William Damian Woodruff
Touchstone Hope Edwards
LeBeau/Audrey Jessica Klingler
Rosalind Julianne Robinson
Duke Frederick/Sir Oliver Martext Kayden Elliott
Jaques Matthew Vandehey
Amiens Meredith Butler
Oliver Michael Koach
Phebe Rachel Oppenlander
Duke Senior Reilly Hanson
Silvius Riley Reynolds
Orlando Sam Dennis
Celia Sarah Vandehey
Phillipa 1st Lord to Duke Senior Sophie Sajnani
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