2022-2023 Season

Babes in Toyland

Come celebrate Christmas with a storybook musical. Filled with so many classic characters, amazing songs and over the top drama! Babes in Toyland is a Holiday Classic.

The basic story is about orphans Alan and Jane, the wards of their wicked Uncle Barnaby, who wants to steal their fortune. He arranges for them to be shipwrecked and lost at sea, but somehow they are rescued by gypsies and returned to Contrary Mary’s garden. Contrary Mary, believing her beloved Alan is dead, has run away with her brother, Tom-Tom the Piper’s son, rather than agree to marry Barnaby.

Directed by: Sandy Burgess
Assistant Director: Lori Dickinson
Vocal Director: Derek Brown
Choreographer: Tim Wilkins
Set Builder: William Crawford
Lighting and Sound: Brian Ollom
Stage Manager: Ethan Hehn


Character Played by
Barnaby Parker Lesley
Roderigo Avery Grace Krasnoff
Alan Bo Brown
Mary Chayse Brown
Gonzorgo Katherine Smith
Grumio and Jack Simone Armstrong
Little Boy Blue/Toy Soldier David Leemhuis
Mary Lamb, Gypsey, Toy Soldier Leyla Koral
Show Host, Bo Peep, Marmaduke Lily Thomas
Miss Muffett, Gypsy, Toy Soldier, Spider Savannah Jennings
Queen of Hearts, Gypsy, Toy Soldier Savannah Scott
Jill, Gypsy, Toy Soldier Scarlett Bogg
Show Host, Widow Piper, Toy Master Isabelle Hui
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