My name is Brynn and I’m fifteen years old. I’m going into my sophomore year at Jesuit High school. I first became interested in photography when my sister introduced it to me as of a couple years ago. She has always been talented with taking pictures and has always supported my interest in it as well. I enrolled in this class to gain a good basic understanding of how a camera worked, but came out learning many more techniques than I could have imagined. Photography used to seem so easy but now I understand the amount of effort that goes into taking even a single simple photo.

While creating photos for our class assignments, I’ve realized that it makes very interesting images, taking close ups of things with complicated patterns and textures. Things such as plant leaves, clouds, people’s facial features, etc. I also think that for a photo to be engaging, it needs to convey at least some emotion. Whether that’s associated with the colors we emphasize, or the facial expressions that our photo subjects make.

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