Shutter Up


My name is Allie Carothers-Humphrey. I’m a HillHi Student, A volleyball, softball player, and artist. I joined the class to have access to a camera and learn a bit more of how they work After having taken a photography class in school and enjoying it. The “sign photo” as i like to call it was […]

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I’m Elaina and I’m a seventh grader at Evergreen Middle School. I took the shutter up class because I wanted to learn more about photography. Of my favorite shots from the class, I like the picture of the ice cream because it’s focused great I think, and I see the texture of the bubbles plus

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Name: Gracie Reardon Age: 12 School: Brown Middle School Why I Took This Class: I chose to take Shutter Up after seeing a flier at school. My Grandpa and Dad both own cameras, and when I was younger my Mom found an old small camera and let me and little brothers use it. I thought

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I have taught this class five times now and find that each one is uniquely different. The students each see with their own perspective which causes me to re-think how I look at things. Despite the intense heat during our class (classroom was in the upper eighties some of the time) these kiddos maintained a

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My name is Rocco Ciliberto. I’m 11 years old and I go to Witch Hazel. I am in this class because my Grandpa is into photography, so I wanted to try it. The first picture is a zoom in photo of a flower.  I selected my first picture because I love seeing flowers close up 

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My name is Hazel Kiblinger and I am going in to 8th grade at Forest Hills. I went to class because one of my friends ( Nathan White) went and he really enjoyed it. I am really glad I went because I learned so much, met new people, and got to see things in a

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My name is Malia. I’m 15 and I am going into my sophomore year at Valley Catholic High School. Like most people who signed up for this course, I wanted to learn to create better, more substantial photos. My family is typically very enthusiastic about taking natural pictures when people are simply being themselves during

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My name is Brynn and I’m fifteen years old. I’m going into my sophomore year at Jesuit High school. I first became interested in photography when my sister introduced it to me as of a couple years ago. She has always been talented with taking pictures and has always supported my interest in it as

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