Shutter Up 3


My name is Rocco Ciliberto. I’m 11 years old and I go to Witch Hazel. I am in this class because my Grandpa is into photography, so I wanted to try it. The first picture is a zoom in photo of a flower.  I selected my first picture because I love seeing flowers close up  […]

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My name is Hazel Kiblinger and I am going in to 8th grade at Forest Hills. I went to class because one of my friends ( Nathan White) went and he really enjoyed it. I am really glad I went because I learned so much, met new people, and got to see things in a

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My name is Malia. I’m 15 and I am going into my sophomore year at Valley Catholic High School. Like most people who signed up for this course, I wanted to learn to create better, more substantial photos. My family is typically very enthusiastic about taking natural pictures when people are simply being themselves during

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My name is Brynn and I’m fifteen years old. I’m going into my sophomore year at Jesuit High school. I first became interested in photography when my sister introduced it to me as of a couple years ago. She has always been talented with taking pictures and has always supported my interest in it as

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My name is Kaili. I have been taking pictures with my iPhone for about two years. It started as a hobby during quarantine because I didn’t have much to do, so my creative side came out. I never knew how much there was to learn about pictures and cameras. This class extended my knowledge about

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Frank Hunt

My name is Frank Hunt and I am the teacher for the SHUTTER UP! Series of beginning photography classes.  This third presentation of the class was very challenging to the students in that instead of meeting weekly, we met daily.  The time between classes was very short and made completing the homework sometimes difficult.  However,

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