My name is Hazel Kiblinger and I am going in to 8th grade at Forest Hills. I went to class because one of my friends ( Nathan White) went and he really enjoyed it. I am really glad I went because I learned so much, met new people, and got to see things in a new way! Before this class I just took pictures on a phone that only sometimes would turn out good, now I know how to take good quality pictures so that I get good shots on my own knowledge instead of just getting lucky. Thank you Frank Hunt for being a great teacher and making me a better photographer!

The first picture is of a cool fence I saw that made me think of an old town. The second picture is on an exotic flower that I thought was just beautiful with the bee on it. The third picture is right outside of the Hart Theater I saw this weed with the dew on it and knew I needed that shot. The fourth picture is next to Decadent Creations and I thought the art was just so colorful and cool. My portrait is by Malia, she just did a great job of catching me at my best!

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