2014-2015 Season

High School Musical on Stage!

Disney’s High School Musical on Stage! focuses on a high school jock, Troy, and a nerd, Gabriella, who, while on their family vacations, discover they both love singing. They decide to try out for the high school musical but their friends try to stop them. The show focuses on issues of popularity, first love, balancing education with extracurricular activities, and the value of friends and family.

Directed by: Luis Ventura


Character Played by
Troy Bolton Max Nevers
Gabriella Montez Emily Niebergall
Gabriella Montez Kaelynn Touchstone
Taylor McKessie Julianne Robinson
Taylor McKessie Aniya Heuss
Marcha Cox, Dance Captain, Sharpay Maya Erickson
Chad Danforth Caleb Kinder
Zeke Baylor Mitchell Robinson
Sharpay Evans Hallie Bartell
Ryan Evans David VanDyke
Kelsi, Jacky Scott Sarah Felder
Kelsi, Jacky Scott Alyssa Kittle
Ensemble, Jacky, Kelsi Lavender Wyatt
Ms. Darbus Marlena Starrs
Ripper, Ensemble, Mrs. Darbus Libby Solheim
Ensemble, Martha Cox Dahlia Wyatt
Ensemble Peter Roman, Katie Rice, Rylie Bartell, Mia Tagnoli, Zachary Inman
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