My name is Kaili. I have been taking pictures with my iPhone for about two years. It started as a hobby during quarantine because I didn’t have much to do, so my creative side came out. I never knew how much there was to learn about pictures and cameras. This class extended my knowledge about all kinds of photography. Having this class available to me helped me with all the basic elements of photography and how to make the results of my photos better.

The photos that I have selected are my favorites. The first is a portrait photo of me (taken by Malia). The next one is of a flower, this really stood out to me because of how bright the color was and how clear the picture was, it was honestly my favorite. The last picture is a motion picture of a water fountain. This stood out to me because it was smooth and the whole picture looked balanced. The last thing that this class taught me wasn’t as much about how to take pictures as much as it was a lesson; You can follow all the “rules” of photography and do all the right settings and the picture can still turn out very bad. It’s all about how you vision the object before you take the picture.

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