2013-2014 Season

Miss Nelson is Missing!

A classroom of unruly students treat their caring and lovely teacher with complete disrespect. They throw spitballs during story-time and refuse to sit in their seats during math. They take advantage of their teacher’s good nature until she disappears and they are faced with a vile substitute. Near her wits’ end, Miss Nelson doesn’t come to school one day. Instead, the kids have a vile substitute–the nasty Viola Swamp–who loads the boys and girls with homework and never gives them a story hour. By the time Miss Nelson finally returns, the children are so grateful they behave well. But now Viola Swamp is missing…

Directed by: Donald Cleland


Character Played by
Miss Nelson Leslie Streimer
Principal Humleker Hannah Wilson
Detective McSmogg Robert Cartusciello
Raymond Isaac Ellingson
Georgie Ashlyn Grund
Phoebe Maya Erickson
Elvis David VanDyke
Morris Rashad Smith
Kimberly Ella DeVito
Lavita Ainsley Campista
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