Stage Troupers

An elite group of actors between the ages of 10-17 who perform a one act musical throughout the Washington County area

What is Stage Troupers?

Stage Troupers is a group of actors ranging from elementary through high school age boys and girls who, during summer break, perform one act musicals throughout the Tri-County area.

Though the summer Troupers perform a 30 minute musical at local fairs, markets, assisted living facilities, civic gatherings and summer day camps. The Troupers receive more invitations than we can accept each summer!

Members of Troupers realize the big commitment they are making, accept the challenge of hard work and feel it is an honor to be in this group because they get to spread wonderful entertaining messages all over Washington County. They not only represent the cast, but STAGES Performing Arts Youth Academy, their families, other young people and of course themselves. There is a lot of work involved in being a Stage Trouper and a lot is expected of them, but they all enjoy a wonderful experience and learn skills that can be used for the rest of their lives.

If you love acting, the benefits can be HUGE for you!  You will have opportunities to learn various acting and musical theatre techniques, perform for a wide variety of audiences in various venues, and gain the skill of meeting and engaging with new people.  You will be an ambassador for STAGES Performing Arts Youth Academy.

Benefits of being part of Stage Troupers

  • Learn acting and musical theatre techniques with personal instruction.
  • Get to perform for a wide variety of audiences.
  • As a performer you will experience a range of performing venues, which will help you learn to adjust to an assortment of locations and space.
  • Learning the skill of meeting and engaging with new people whether they be patrons or audience members as an ambassador for STAGES as well as young people in theatre.
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