2015-2016 Season


When the world is at stake, friendships can form between the unlikeliest characters. Mazula is set to conquer Earth and Nicholas takes it upon himself to stop her — until Nicholas’s best friend, Cabel, is abducted by Mazula’s planetary leader as part of a grander and more dangerous plot. They must see through their conflict for the good of their friend and, eventually, the galaxy.

Written, Produced and Directed by: Hannah Wilson, David Van Dyke, Caleb Inman
Lighting and Sound: Nicholas Burkhart


Character Played by
Mazula Hannah Wilson
Nicholas David VanDyke
Cabel Caleb Inman
Steve Rylie Bartell
Almighty Leader Aidan VanDyke
Advisor Isaac Ellingson
Nancy, Police Commander, Guard, Rebel Caitriona Johnston
Nellie, Police Officer,Guard, Rebel Katie Rice
Mom, Police Officer, Guard Cindy Bartell
Janitor, Teacher, Secretary Tammy Ellingson
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