The Lady Pirates of Captain Bree

When his crew jumps ship upon sighting the pirates in the distance, Captain Jennings is left with a makeshift crew of motley prisoners and Fergus, a sailor who can’t swim, to protect his wealthy passengers, the Prescots, from the inevitable attack. As the lady pirates take over the defenseless Kayla May, you’re in for swashbuckling musical comedy with a host of hysterical characters on deck and a spectacular Bill Francoeur score. Along with Captain Bree’s hearty crew of mean and nasty mates (and a couple of new recruits in training who keep forgetting to be rough and tough), you’ll find the haughty Professor Bidwell and the pretentious Madam Prescot constantly battling for special treatment and respect from the pirates, Samuel Prescot masquerading as a girl to avoid becoming shark bait, and Julia Prescot bursting with desire to join the lady pirates.

Directed by: Linda Anderson
Musical Director: Rachel Foote Allen
Stage Manager: Hannah Wilson


Character Played by
Old Pirate Hannah Wilson
Fergus Cody Burkett
Captain Jennings Matthey Vandehey
Madam Prescot Lily Frerichs
Samuel Prescot Damian Woodruff
Julia Prescot Hannah Vertner
Professor Bidwell Riley T, Reynolds
Prisoners Kayden Elliott, Jacob Fung, Jack Agostini, Amelia Agostini, Magdalyn Vertner
Captian Bree Hope Edwards
Jane Sarah Vandehey
Shawna Aviare Breazile
Molly Elizabeth Vandehey
Maggie Mylie Winters
Georgia Alex Rose Agostini
Josephine Anna Kappler
Gabriella Taylor Riley
Patty Kaitlyn Meek
Thomas Zakeaus Vertner
Cook Nolan WInters
Admiral Moore Alan Kappler
John Kayden Elliott
Jack Jacob Fung
George Jack Agostini
British Officers Kayden Elliott, Jacob Fung, Jack Agostini, Amelia Agostini, Magdalyn Vertner
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