2022-2023 Season

The Music Man

When Harold Hill, a traveling con man, arrives in River City, he convinces the locals to start a band by purchasing the uniforms and instruments from him. His intention is to flee as soon as he receives the money. Librarian Marian Paroo suspects Harold is a fraud but holds her tongue since her moody brother, Winthrop, is excited about the band. As Harold begins to develop feelings for Marian, he faces a difficult decision about skipping town.

Directed by: Jason Weed
Choreographer: Amelia Michaels, Kristin Heller, Tim Wilkins
Costumes: Kira Smolev
Lighting and Sound: Brian Ollum, Ethan Hehn
Stage Manager: Jake Fung, Keith Itoh


Character Played by
Conductor Cupid Socherman
Charlie Cowell V
Harold Hill Malcomb Armstrong
Mayor Shinn Colin Taylor
Alma Hix Alex Pettigrew
Ethel Toffelmier Lizzie Williams
Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn Lindly Flaherty
Maud Dunlop Lea Bott
Mrs. Squires Anoosheh Azeem
Jacey Squires (Tenor) Kiki Robinson
Ewart Dunlop (Lead) Abra Freeman
Oliver Hix (Baratone) Anika Hyatt
Olin Britt (Bass) Isaiah Fagerberg
Marcellus Washburn Diego Sanchez
Marian Paroo Sydney Timm
Mrs. Paroo Alyssa Hicks
Amaryllis Jocelyn Taylor
Winthrop Paroo Audrey Latino
Constable Locke Melissa Castro
Gracie Shinn Olivia Socherman
Tommy Djilas Samantha McDonald
Zaneeta Shinn Eva Grace Thomas
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