2016-2017 Season

The Secret Garden

Mary Lennox, a sullen and spoiled young orphan, is sent to live with her brooding uncle at gloomy Misselthwaite Manor. Discovering a hidden, neglected garden, Mary plants the seeds of new life for all those drawn into her secret refuge. A wonderful story of transformation.

Directed by: William Crawford
Stage Manager: Sara Johnson


Character Played by
Colonel McGrew Matthew Vandehey
Barney Alex Hyatt
Mary Lennox Tia Green
Officer’s Wife Hannah Vertner
A Woman Sara Johnson
Mrs. Medlock Jessica Woolfolk
Mr. Pitcher Mitchel Robinson
Martha Sowerby Anika Hyatt
Ben Weatherstaff Damian Woodruff
Archibald Graven Michael Koach
Colin Craven Riley Reynolds
Dickon Sowerby Cody Burkett
Nurse Hannah Vertner
Basil Zak Vertner
Girl Bethany Finn
Orphans Kira Robinson, Amelia Agostini, Jackie Kemp (understudy Mary Lennox)
Flutist Hope Edwards
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