2015-2016 Season

The Tempest

The Tempest by William Shakespeare. A story of magic, illusion, manipulation, character revelation and a bit of romance. Set sail with the cast, surviving the tempest at sea to arrive at a remote island where truth and true love conquers all.

Directed by: Jake Merriman
Stage Manager: Lexi Dougherty


Character Played by
Prospero Elise Dixon
Miranda Julianne Robinson
Ariel Hannah Cable
Caliban Isadora Star Miller
Ferdinant Isaac Ellingson
King Alonso Rachel Oppenlander
Antonio Sarah Vandehey
Sebastian Matthew Vandehey
Gonzalo Gus Griswalt
Adrian Sharmila Nelson
Trinculo Yoonie Shin
Stephano Michael Koach
Ceres/Shipmaster Madilyn Dyche
Iris/Mariner Lily Frerichs
Juno/Boatswain Emily Burkett
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