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When the world is at stake, friendships can form between the unlikeliest characters. Mazula is set to conquer Earth and Nicholas takes it upon himself to stop her — until Nicholas’s best friend, Cabel, is abducted by Mazula’s planetary leader as part of a grander and more dangerous plot. They must see through their conflict for the good of their friend and, eventually, the galaxy.

Written, Produced and Directed by: Hannah Wilson, David Van Dyke, Caleb Inman
Lighting and Sound: Nicholas Burkhart


Mazula – Hannah Wilson
Nicholas – David VanDyke
Cabel – Caleb Inman
Steve – Rylie Bartell
Almighty Leader – Aidan VanDyke
Advisor – Isaac Ellingson
Nancy, Police Commander, Guard, Rebel – Caitriona Johnston
Nellie, Police Officer,Guard, Rebel – Katie Rice
Mom, Police Officer, Guard – Cindy Bartell
Janitor, Teacher, Secretary – Tammy Ellingson