2014-2015 Season

Belles on their Toes

With 12 children to take care of, Lillian Gilbreth always had her hands full, but, after the death of her husband, life just got even more complicated. In this sequel to “Cheaper by the Dozen,” the recent widow, needing to provide for her family, desperately looks for work. And although Lillian has an engineering background, finding employment proves to be a challenge given the rampant sexism plaguing the industry. Meanwhile, her children face the difficulties of young adulthood.

Directed by: WIlliam Crawford


Character Played by
Mrs. Gilbreth Beth Self
Anne Hannah Solheim
Ernestine Marlena Starrs
Martha Megan WIlson
Fred Isaac Elingson
Frank Larry Jensen
Bill Caleb Kinder
Lillian Rachel Oppenlander
Dan Alex Hyatt
Jack Michael Koach
Bob Colin Taylor
Tom Tim Oppenlander
Cousin Leora Janeen Solliman
Mr. Hathaway Brett Peer
Al Lynch Robert Cartusciello
The $5.00 Dog Parker Pup
Policeman Ray Hale
David Long Lucas Vireday
Dr. Bob Eric McMichael
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