Shutter Up 4

A beginning photography class

The class is targeted at the youth of Washington County with the goal being an introduction to photographic concepts and principals including camera history and development, early pioneers, the workings of a modern camera, and digital darkroom techniques.  We spend the initial classroom time learning the cameras and how to adjust the knobs and dials for best photographic results.  We then take a field trip so we can put what we have learned to practical use.

Over the four class meetings we cover:

  • History of Photography
  • How Cameras Work
  • Settings, buttons, dials, knobs and how to use them
  • Proper camera technique
  • Focus, exposure (aperture, shutter speed, ISO)
  • Composition
  • Interacting with Light
  • Basic Photo Editing
  • Portrait photography
  • Workflow
  • Lenses and their use
  • Plus we go on a field trip to test out what we have learned.

Shutter Up 4 Gallery

Shutter Up 4 Gallery

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