2012-2013 Season

The Kid Who Ran for President

Judson Moon is 12 years old, and he’s running for president of the YOU-nited States! Sound crazy? His best friend and campaign manager, Lane Brainard, with an emphasis on “Brain,” is organizing a political campaign that will change the world as we know it! Raising money at a lemonade stand in front of Judson’s house, the unlikely candidate gets some media attention that ignites the political voices of children around the nation. But running the country isn’t like playing Nintendo; it requires immeasurable responsibility and courage. “Can you imagine a world where YOU were in charge?” But how could the leadership of a 12-year-old kid really handle the decisions of the commander in chief? In the end, it is the voice of a kid that decides the outcome of this exciting musical.

Directed by: William DeBiccari


Character Played by
Judson David VanDyke
Lane Caleb Inman
Abby Sarah LaTray
Darcy Emily Niebergall
Chelsea Molly Benjamin
Mrs. Syers Jeannette Noble
Guerra Kate Nuhring
Mom Emily LaTray
Dad Troy Toney
Honeywell Kate Nuhring
Agent Doe Tory Toney
Secretary of Defense Kate Nuhring
Premier of China Emily LaTray
Whitehouse Employee Emily Niebergall
Chorus Hallie Bartell, Isaiah Espinosa, Cassie Kool, Julianne Robinson
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