My name is Malia. I’m 15 and I am going into my sophomore year at Valley Catholic High School. Like most people who signed up for this course, I wanted to learn to create better, more substantial photos. My family is typically very enthusiastic about taking natural pictures when people are simply being themselves during big family gatherings which we hold often. Usually the responsibility of taking these photos is left to my aunt, but this job is soon to be passed onto me. This is my main motivation for learning how to take an excellent picture, though I’ve always had a fascination with photography.

The first picture I included is a portrait of myself taken by the head of this class, Frank Hunt. Though I usually prefer to be the photographer rather than the subject of the photo itself, this portrait did not make me cringe as a knee-jerk reaction, which, I have to say, is quite an accomplishment. The second photo is exactly what it looks like, a slightly rusted door knob placed on a reddish brown door which I took because the colors and detail of the picture enticed me. The third image is a picture of ivy illuminated from behind the leaves growing on old mossy concrete. The vibrant green and texture of the stone is what encouraged me to take it. The last photo displays a vintage looking, busted up car sitting in a driveway backed by a yellow garage. I really enjoyed the contrast of the two main colors in the frame and simply how cool this vintage car looked on its own.

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